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It’s A Happy New Year For CSU in Governor Newsom’s 1st Budget Proposal

Governor Gavin Newsom at Budget Proposal

Governor Newsom released his first budget proposal today. The budget proposal includes a 4% increase over last year. Newsom included $300 million in additional funding for CSU, above the base, + additional special funds.

The full CSU funding request for 2019/2020 is $456 million, above base.

Budget negotiations and advocacy kicks-off now through the May budget revision. Traditionally, the Legislature increases funding levels beyond the Governor’s May Revise figure, bringing CSU closer to the full ask.

Proposed Funding Breakdown

  • $300 million in ongoing funding for mandatory costs, compensation, enrollment growth and the Graduation Initiative.
  • $247 million in one-time funding for deferred maintenance.
  • $15 million in one-time funding for student basic needs funds.
  • $250K in ongoing funding for Project Rebound

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