Governor’s May Revision Maintains Funding from January Budget Proposal

On May 13, Governor Jerry Brown released his revised May budget which maintains an increase of $142.2 million for the CSU -- an allocation that is consistent with what was proposed in the initial January budget.

Last November, CSU Trustees approved a budget proposal that requested an increase of $237.6 million with new funding allocated to meet enrollment demand, augment student success and completion and finance critical maintenance and infrastructure needs among other areas.

The CSU will continue to work on a budget framework based on an increase of $142.2 million but will continue to advocate for additional funding in the final version of the budget expected in late June.

In April, CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White joined UC President Janet Napolitano and California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice W. Harris in Sacramento to meet with legislators to advocate for additional funding for public higher education.  To meet workforce demands, the state has a critical need for more college graduates, a demand that cannot be met by efficiencies alone.

Last week, the California State Student Association engaged legislators through an “I Stand with the CSU” campaign aimed at garnering additional support for the CSU’s budget request.

There are now 58 legislators, including 51 from the Assembly, who have signed a letter supporting additional funding for the CSU.

Due to inadequate funding, the CSU has had to turn away 20,000-25,000 eligible students for the past several years.  With the full funding of the CSU Trustees’ budget request, the system would be able to enroll an additional 20,000 students.


From the California State University May 13, 2014 update