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Governor Gavin Newsom State Budget 2022-2023

January 10, 2021


State Budget Update –January 10th, 2022: 

On January 10th, Governor Gavin Newsom proposed his 2022/2023 budget. With yet another record budget year and a surplus of $45.7 billion, the CSU is posed for yet another increase.  

  • The CSU will receive a $304.1 million recurring increase, with a large portion of the increase attributable to funding the base growth of the general fund of the CSU. The funds will also support the following (Numbers in millions):
  • Base Growth—An increase of $211.1 million ongoing General Fund for operating costs. 
  • Resident Undergraduate Enrollment Growth—An increase of $81 million ongoing General Fund to support California resident undergraduate student enrollment growth of 9,434 full-time equivalent students in the 2022-23 academic year. 
  • Foster Youth Supports—An increase of $12 million ongoing General Fund to increase support for foster youth students. 
  • One-time funding will be a total of $233 million. Most of the funding is dedicated to one-time facilities and infrastructure improvements throughout the university as well as projects at specific campuses (Numbers in millions):
  • Deferred Maintenance and Energy Efficiency—An increase of $100 million one-time General Fund for deferred maintenance and energy efficiency projects at CSU campuses. 
  • CSU Bakersfield Energy Innovation Center—An increase of $83 million one-time General Fund to support the construction of the CSU Bakersfield Energy Innovation Center. 
  • University Farms—An increase of $50 million one-time General Fund for equipment and infrastructure improvements at CSU University Farms. 
  • The budget also contains several other decisions that could benefit CSU students including expansion of the Middle-Class Scholarship program, Cal Grant, and the College Savings Accounts program. 

You can see the official 2022-2023 proposed State Budget for Higher Education below.